Welcome Statement

At Honda Woodstock, our pledge is to ensure accessible customer service to persons with disabilities. In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), we have established protocols aimed at enhancing accessibility while upholding dignity, independence, and equal opportunities for all.

Honda Woodstock is a vibrant and inclusive organization, dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed. At the core of our brand values is our commitment to accessibility, in harmony with the principles outlined in the AODA. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we strive to deliver enriching experiences for all individuals who engage with us.

Our Commitment

  • Honda Woodstock welcomes the use of assistive devices, support personnel, and service animals to facilitate accessibility for visitors.
  • Our facilities at Honda Woodstock feature amenities such as automatic doors, elevators, lower desks, and mobile payment options.
  • We ensure digital accessibility on our websites to enhance the user experience for all visitors. Please refer to our Digital Accessibility Statement for details.
  • Honda Woodstock remains committed to exploring avenues to accommodate the needs, preferences, and suggestions of both visitors and staff members.


At Honda Woodstock, all employees receive comprehensive training on accessibility laws to ensure compliance and foster an inclusive environment. Additionally, our Customer Service teams receive continuous training to enhance their understanding and implementation of accessibility principles. This commitment to ongoing education empowers our staff to better serve individuals with diverse needs and preferences, reinforcing our dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences for all.

Policy Information

For more information on our Accessibility Policy, please contact [email protected]